Short Essays

Remembering Molly Ivins
Looking back at what Molly wrote -- and what she stood for. [The Austin Chronicle, 2/9/07]

Balance Due
Some trespasses are harder to forgive than others. [The New York Times Magazine, 6/11/06]

Beyond the Book
The future of books -- Paper or electronic? [The American Prospect, 7/30/01]

Fouling the Waters
Thinking about Spy Pond, and geese. [From CommonWealth, Summer, 1999]

Dark Horses
What makes a person declare himself or herself a candidate for the Presidency of the United States? A visit with some Dark Horse candidates in New Hampshire. [The Texas Observer, 3/13/92]

The Speed of Flight
Thoughts about weird science at 31,000 feet. [The Texas Observer, 9/16/88]

Ballad of the Moody Cafe
Driving. Listening to Patsy Cline. Growing moody. [The Texas Observer, 5/17/1985.]