Magazine Reporting & Commentary

Getting the World Right
A profile of poet Brendan Galvin. [Boston College Magazine, Fall, 2015.]

The Ice Man
A profile of photographer extraordinaire James Balog. [Boston College Magazine, Summer, 2013.]

Sophomore Year
A profile of Steve Donahue, coach of the BC Eagles men's basketball team. [Boston College Magazine, Fall, 2012.]

That Total Strike Feeling
Uh, you know. Strikes and gutters, ups and downs. My week at Dick Ritger's bowling camp. [The Atlantic, November, 2011.]

Screen Test
An evening with Hollywood's rising star, James Franco. [Boston College Magazine, Spring, 2011]

The Craftsman
A profile of fiction writer Chuck Hogan, author of Prince of Thieves, the inspiration for Ben Affleck's movie, The Town. [Boston College Magazine, Winter, 2010.]

The Man Who Knew Too Much
A profile of Harry Markopolos, the man who tried to expose Bernie Madoff. [Boston College Magazine, Winter, 2009]

Reality Sets In: Gov. Deval Patrick's First Year
More on what it takes to be a successful governor in Massachusetts. [CommonWealth magazine, Winter 2008]

The Eight Habits of Highly Effective Governors
What it takes to be a successful governor in Massachusetts. [CommonWealth magazine, Winter 2007]

Tax Talk
An in-depth look at "the tax factor" in Massachusetts politics. [CommonWealth magazine, Summer 2006]

Statehouse Subversion
In the mid-1990s, a group of liberal activists, with the support of a few wealthy donors, developed a new strategy to reduce the power of money in national politics... [The American Prospect, 2/11/02]