Book Reviews

A Tale of Race, Violence, and Shame
Review of Cynthia Carr's excellent narrative, "Our Town." [The Boston Globe, 7/09/06]

With Liberalism and Justice for All
Five political books of the season reviewed. [Boston Phoenix, 9/24/04]

What's The Matter With Us?
Why so many people get their fundamental economic interests wrong. A review of Tom Frank's What's the Matter with Kansas? [The Texas Observer, 8/13/04]

A review of Raymond Strother's Falling Up: How a Redneck Helped Invent Political Consulting. [The Texas Observer, 8/1/03]

Reading the American Mind
A review of two explorations of the American political psyche. [The American Prospect, 11/30/2002]

Living with Oswald
Thomas Mallon's portrait of Ruth Paine, who befriended Lee Harvey Oswald's wife. [The American Prospect, 3/25/02]