A short summation

Summary of my newspaper work:

I started as a copy editor for the Ypsilanti (Michigan) Press in January of 1984. After five years in magazine work in Texas, I worked as a newspaper stringer, primarily for The Boston Globe from Texas, then for the Globe's West Weekly section from Massachusetts (occasionally stringing for the Dallas Morning News from Massachusetts). I became editor of The Arlington Advocate, an understaffed weekly in Arlington, Massachusetts, in 1993 and endured a year and a half. For its coverage in 1994, the Advocate won a national newspaper award. (I can only take three-fourths of the credit, since I left in August of that year to return to free-lance writing.) I worked part-time on the copy desk of the Quincy Patriot Ledger in 1994-1995. Then it was back to magazines in 1995, as I became editor of CommonWealth magazine in Boston, and, four years later, book review editor at The American Prospect.

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